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JammiArt offers high quality art services to all people regardless of age, experience or background.


The main objective of my workshops to give participants a new experience, introducing them to diverse cultures through the medium of art. I am a dynamic visual arts provider; I profile and programme new and exciting culturally diverse arts by creating and developing high quality art forms to personally fit you.


  • School visits - half day or full day school visits including a school assembly to deliver information (via presentation). The themes of these visits vary -  Religious art (Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity), Country themed projects, Festivals (Chinese new year, Diwali, Vesak, Eid, Spring festival, Hanuka, Ramadan etc) 

  • Workshops - Workshops are available for all age groups -the content of the workshops can be tailored for your requirements and budget. The most common themes include canvas art, pin art, rice art, origami, calligraphy and brush painting but more activities may be added (please specify so I can arrange materials etc.)


  • Demonstrations - Chinese calligraphy and Brush painting demonstrations can be arranged for any occasion


  • Presentations - Art or Language presentations can be delivered for any audience


  • Parties - Art-themed birthday parties or Hen parties can be arranged at a suitable venue


  • Language Classes - Sinhalese or Mandarin classes can be delivered for all age groups

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